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9 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Generator

Power is everything on a construction site. Without electricity, your tools and equipment that rely on an external power source will quickly grind to a halt. Work will come to a standstill. This is especially a problem on remote sites where generators are often the only power source.

With much riding on the reliable performance of generators, contractors can’t afford to have a lousy generator rental experience. They need to be able to count on a generator to work when they need it. Our equipment rental team has put together this list of the top nine things that contractors should keep in mind to enjoy successful power generator rentals — and the type of generator, price, and performance contribute to their quick, successful project completion.

Get the Right Gear

Equipment rentals come in many sizes. Some of them, such as home generators, are small enough to fit in your garage or storage area. Others, such as large industrial generators, take up more space. If you’re unsure which generator size you need, ask your rental specialist for help.

Go for Brand Names

Whether it’s generators or any other equipment rental, there is a wide assortment of types and brands. Go for those that are branded and have been around for over five years, whether they offer recreational generators that run on gasoline or professional ones that run on diesel or natural gas. You can count on reliable rental companies to deliver the generators you need for your next project.

It Has to Be Clean

When you return the generator, make sure the generator you are returning is clean and maintained. To do this, ensure the equipment you rent looks good as new.

It Has to Be Serviced

Generators are used frequently and have many moving parts, so they need regular servicing. Check that the generator you’re about to hire has been fully serviced. This will ensure that its filters, fluids, and connections are in top working order.

It Has to Be Tested

Even if equipment rental services carefully inspect all their equipment before and after check-out, you should always ask about the last time the generator was tested if you plan to rent. It keeps suppliers on their toes and sure about the equipment you plan to borrow.

It Has to Be Transportable

Determine who will have to pay for the equipment rental company to deliver and return the generator. If you’re responsible for picking it up and dropping it off, make sure you have the vehicle and trailer required.

Never Glance through the Agreement

Even if you’re swamped with tasks, make time to read your rental contract all the way through before you sign anything. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your landlord before signing the contract.

Use It According to the Instructions

When using the generator or other machines from equipment rentals, familiarize yourself with the proper safety instructions and follow them. For example, run the generator outside or in an open area to prevent toxic carbon monoxide buildup and never refuel a hot engine. These are essential safety tips for your crew and the equipment.

You Need Backups

Your project's weather and scope changes can affect when you need your rental equipment. Observe the weather report and tell your rental agency any changes to your rental schedule. For added safety and certainty, rent another unit.


Remember to properly ground your generator or other machines from an equipment rental. It protects against short circuits, malfunctioning breakers, and other energy hassles that’ll keep your project from running. Practice these tips, and you’ll finish construction in no time!

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