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Outdoor Comfort: 5 Signs You Must Rent a Portable Toilet

Attending an outdoor event or going to a work site requires you to stay there for a couple of hours. With the former, there are times when you may extend your stay because some events go overtime. For the latter, work sites, such as construction sites, mean work is to be done for a whole day. While they may sound simple enough, these two situations raise a common concern: bathrooms.

Luckily, a portable toilet is an excellent solution for both scenarios, especially for the latter. Portable toilets can provide a safe and clean restroom for event attendees and workers, wherever they may be. They come in various sizes, from single-occupant units to larger ones with sinks, allowing users to wash their hands. However, many people often do not know when to rent portable toilets, especially since this is prone to oversight. With this in mind, here are some signs you must get portable toilets:

#1 - Your Bathroom Facilities Are Insufficient

When it comes to work sites, you must assess your bathroom facilities. If you do not have enough bathrooms for the number of people working, you must rent portable toilets. Portable toilets provide a convenient, cost-effective solution, as they can be set up quickly and transported easily.

Additionally, you should also consider the quality of your existing bathroom facilities. If they are not up to the health and safety regulations standards, you must rent portable toilets. Portable toilets provide a safe and hygienic environment, so you can be sure that your attendees or workers are in a clean and sanitary space.

#2 - It Is a Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement to provide adequate bathroom facilities in certain instances. This is especially true for outdoor events, work sites, and other public locations. If you are hosting an outdoor event or have a work site located in an area where the public is likely, you must have adequate bathroom facilities.

The legal requirements vary depending on the type of event or work site. Still, you must provide enough toilets and handwashing facilities for the number of people attending or working.

#3 - You Have Workers with Special Needs

If you have workers with special needs, you must provide adequate bathroom facilities to accommodate them. This includes providing toilets and handwashing facilities accessible to people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public restrooms be accessible for people with disabilities. This means that the bathroom must have grab bars, accessible toilets, and other features to make it easier for people with disabilities to use.

You should also provide additional services to ensure workers with special needs are comfortable. This could include providing special signage, larger stalls, and assistive devices. You must also ensure that the staff is adequately trained to assist workers with special needs.

#4 - The Foot Traffic Is Constant

Foot traffic is bound to be constant in a work site, and it would be best to contain it. Having a portable toilet allows you to control the number of people in the area and monitor the flow of people to ensure that the event remains safe and orderly. Of course, you must have a designated area for the portable toilets. This allows people to find their way to the bathroom and prevents them from clogging up the central location.

#5 - You Want Your Workers to Be Comfortable

Portable toilets are an excellent way to ensure that your workers are comfortable during an event or on a job site. Portable toilets provide convenience and privacy, allowing workers to go to the bathroom without leaving the event or work area. They also provide a sanitary way to use the restroom, reducing the risk of contamination. Additionally, portable toilets are easy to maintain and can be easily moved around, providing flexibility and convenience.


Portable toilets are indispensable if you are getting work done, especially on a construction site. They come in various shapes and sizes, so it is only a matter of finding the right one for your needs. This way, your workers can enjoy the convenience and privacy of using a restroom without leaving the work area.

If you are looking for a porta-pots rental in Artesia, Royal Services, LLC can help you! We offer industrial services such as equipment rentals, trucking, and flowback well testing to ensure efficient operations. Call us today at 575-616-1615 to request a quote!

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