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Renting Construction Equipment: Avoid These Mistakes!

The cost and labor required to maintain equipment is one reason why it is more efficient to rent some equipment than purchase it. That said, it's not without some bumps down the road. In this blog, we're going to explore common mistakes when it comes to renting construction equipment and the best ways to avoid them.

THE MISTAKE: Not offering training for construction equipment that was rented.

There are so many benefits when it comes to renting machinery, especially if it's a specialty piece for a job that's not usually carried out or part of the usual task list. Unfortunately, your crew might end up not having the proper training when it comes to handling those machines.

When there's no training, things can get pretty risky fast: on-the-job fatalities are likely, alongside serious accidents. Workers' compensation is usually the liability of the business owner, but replacement expenses might be on them as well.

Rental contracts usually have clauses that explicitly do not allow workers to operate equipment they aren't trained for.

THE MISTAKE: Choosing a provider far from the job site.

You can save yourself some cash by looking for a rental company close to your job site. Transporting bulk machinery over long distances can get very expensive. Looking for a specific piece of equipment available only in certain areas? Your best bet for finding it is to stick to local rental companies.

In most cases, it's really easiest to avoid dealing with transportation costs when you rent out of your own town.

THE MISTAKE: Not taking timing into account.

Before starting a new project or adding equipment to an existing one, you need to account for timing. You will want to rent the equipment early so that it is ready when you need it, but if you start renting too soon, you'll still be paying for it even if you stop using it.

Renting equipment only for it to be left on your lot will negate renting's cost-effectiveness fairly quickly. It's important not to rent anything in terms of construction equipment before they're actually needed.

THE MISTAKE: Renting the wrong equipment.

Nothing helps growth and/or expansion more than starting a new project or taking on a previously unfamiliar task. There are many options in terms of equipment, many of which look alike. The wrong machine will then add more problems to the situation, instead of the right one being able to provide solutions.

Before you sign the rental agreement contract, talk to your rental agent and go over the specs of the equipment, especially if you’re working in confined spaces or have a limited area to work in. They’ll help you choose the best pieces of equipment for your needs and make sure you don’t end up with something you can’t use.


Construction rental equipment has many advantages, starting with having far more room to save money. There are common mistakes that happen during the process, but they can all be avoided. This includes renting the wrong equipment and not taking timing into account.

Trying to find equipment rental companies in Artesia? Contact Royal Services, LLC today! We’re a veteran-owned company established in 2012 that proudly offers flowblack, hot shot delivery, trucking, well testing, and equipment rental in the Permian Basin and beyond.

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