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  • Joe Nichols

Reasons Why Backhoes Are Still the Best Do-It-All Machine

Backhoes continue to take a hit from falling sales as OEMs reduce their offerings and focus less on this type of machine. Who stole the backhoe's market share? As so almost always happens with machine sales, compact skid-steers, track and wheel loaders, and excavators all did better than backhoes at the same tasks. It was an era of specialization.

After years of decline due to a saturated market and increased competition, the backhoe loader industry seems to have found a healthy equilibrium. In this blog post, we will summarize the reasons why backhoes can still be found on job sites across the country.

Reasons Why Backhoes Are Still the Best Do-It-All Machine

Backhoes can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish a variety of tasks. They can be used to dig, lift, scrape and place dirt and debris. They can be used to dig trenches, make driveway passes, dig holes for fence posts and storm drainage, and more.

Here are the best reasons why they are much-needed machines on any job site.

1 - Easier, Faster, Cheaper Work

If you are attempting to do something that requires a heavy amount of lifting, you will find it much easier to lift and move something with a backhoe than with your own muscles. Backhoes are capable of lifting up to 10 tons of material. As if that wasn't enough, they can also move or lift at great distances.

Many job sites are done faster and dirtier with the use of backhoes because they can lift and move items without needing to drag them into place. They also save time by being able to dig a trench right to the required depth without the need to make multiple passes along the same trench.

2 - Safer Work

Backhoes are safer to use than other tools because they are composed of a boom. If you look at a backhoe, you will notice it has a large arm over the cab of the machine. This boom is the area that does all of the liftings, digging, and moving. There are no sharp edges or dangerous parts.

3 - Multi-Purpose

Backhoes are capable of working on a number of different jobs. One model may work well for digging and moving dirt, while another model may perform well for breaking up concrete. There are even backhoe models that can be outfitted with attachments that allow them to work on a large range of tasks.

There are a few job sites in which backhoes are used to dig holes for fence posts and then use the same machine to place the posts. Many tracks can be adjusted to deliver a downward pressure when needed, which allows them to be used to break up concrete.


While backhoes are not the most technologically advanced machines in the construction industry, they are still an important tool for a variety of job site tasks. While many of the other machines are better equipped to perform specific tasks, the backhoe is a machine that is capable of doing everything.

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