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How Portable Sanitation Can Do Good to the Environment

Adhering to sustainable lifestyle choices is not just all about the hype. For one, using portable restrooms offer various advantages for humans, wildlife, oceans, landfills, and the environment (in general). They also offer advantages regarding seclusion and security.

Read on as we discuss how portable sanitation can benefit the world and our environment.

Portable Sanitation Prevents Toxic Contamination

When a large number of people urinate on trees, bushes, and other vegetation, it has the potential to contaminate those items with a surplus of salts and other compounds. If you offer your visitors the use of portable toilets, they will not relieve themselves among your plants in the mistaken belief that doing so is good for their health. The use of portable bathrooms eliminates the risk of vegetable seeds germinating in unintended locations.

Portable Sanitation Eliminates Pests

Insects are attracted to feces. The presence of more insects is a consequence of the observation that some people expel food that has not been digested, which makes the situation even worse. The absolute worst-case scenario is that internal parasites traveling through a person wind up in the soil, where they can then be passed on to other people, their pets, or other animals through direct contact. Hookworms live in humans for a short time before returning to the earth, where they wait for the next generation of humans to become infected through their hands and feet.

Portable Sanitation Improves the Public Health System

There is such a thing as fecal-oral illnesses. After defecating, the person does not wash their hands and then touches various pieces of machinery and other surfaces, thereby spreading germs. Dispensers for hand sanitizer or detergent are frequently found in public bathrooms located outside. If you want to avoid spreading disease, this is a much better option than digging a ditch to defecate or going to the bathroom in the woods.

Portable sanitation units reduce the number of sick days and decrease productivity caused by key employees contracting stomach bugs due to improper hand cleaning when they are used on-site. This is because portable sanitation units are implemented on-site, consequently stopping gastrointestinal pathogens from entering the neighborhood swimming hole by preventing their introduction.

Understanding the Beauty of Portable Sanitation

Portable toilets eliminate the risk of human refuse leading to the contamination of sewers and streams. This protects untreated waste from polluting water or spreading diseases that are fatal to wildlife, both of which could have been avoided. Even animals that don't eat can spread illness if they walk through garbage and contaminate the ground with their paws. When waste is contained before it is treated, the unpleasant smells that can drive neighbors and animals crazy are eliminated.

Portable toilets help to reduce water usage. There is no loss of gallons of water due to improper use. There are flushing restrooms with a capacity of six gallons in many of the park facilities. The removal of the requirement to withdraw additional water from the municipal system is beneficial to the local wildlife. Satellite Industries asserts portable restrooms save 125 million liters per day.


Now, it is easy to understand how portable toilets save significant quantities of water and protect against the spread of diseases to wildlife. Portable restrooms prevent disease transmission, eradicate odors, parasites, and plant toxicity, which are all caused mostly by human excrement. Indeed, portable toilets are an economical and environmentally friendly option for any event or construction location.

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