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What to Learn about Land Clearing Using a Tractor

You may have never guessed it until now, but, yes, you can use a tractor to clear land. Beyond this fact, you must also know that the ability to clear land with a tractor is a crucial skill for both new and experienced landowners. If you have the skill, time, energy, and resources, do it yourself. This could also be less costly!

Read on to discover more about land clearing using a tractor.

Before You Begin

Remember the adage "measure twice, cut once?" Why not take two measurements and cut once? Why not take two measurements and cut once? Huh. Although it may be tempting to start cutting down trees right once, it is best to plan ahead of time. You should communicate with all project stakeholders and know what you want before going on a tractor rampage.

Land clearing can take as little as a few hours with a single tool or as long as several days with the removal of trees, rocks, and plants.

Lands Vs. Fields

Field clearance and land clearing are phrases that can be used without explanation. Ground clearance refers to clearing a parcel of land for any purpose (such as building a road or pond), whereas field clearing refers to the cleared land becoming a field or open area. A field cannot be cleaned without removing land.

Instructions for Land Clearing Using a Tractor

If you take action, you can readily discover land cleaning strategies. Before you begin, you will need a front-end loader tractor, a chainsaw, an ax, and a shovel.

1. Conduct a land survey.

Before we discuss field clearing with a tractor, make a plan. First, choose an appropriate spot on your property. UTVs are compact and capable of traversing tough terrain, making land surveys easier.

Several factors must be considered when clearing land. Keep an eye out for property lines, waterlines, and other utility lines. Determine the requirement for a contractor. Small, uncomplicated pieces can be manually eliminated.

2. Use a tractor to clear trees and brush.

Land clearance can be considered now that you've planned. Begin by clearing smaller trash with the front loader of your tractor.

When clearing the ground with a front-end loader, use ribbon to mark trees and vegetation. Using a chainsaw and tractor, cut down undesired trees.

Safety is essential when felling trees. If you are no match for the skills and expertise needed for this task, simply hire a contractor instead.

3. Level and grade the ground with a tractor.

The final stage of tractor land clearing is leveling and grading. The roots of tree stumps are dug up. A chain and tractor are used to pull the stump.

Fill in the gaps caused by the removal of rocks and trees. When doing landscaping, add more dirt and till it.


Perhaps this task is easy once you learn how to do it and prepare yourself with the equipment. However, make sure you don’t hesitate to ask for expert advice or the assistance of an actual professional. This way, you can be guided while covering all your bases.

Are you looking for a tractor rental in Artesia? Royal Services, LLC is an esteemed team ready to deliver excellent service with years of experience and the highest standards of equipment in the industry. Give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer!

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