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The Advantages of Having a Porta-Potty Rental in Your Worksite

Whether you work as a chef, teacher, or construction worker, nature calls are inevitable and cannot be ignored or postponed.

Everybody must respond to it; thus, even a worksite needs to have a portable restroom rental. It also doesn't cost much and provides the advantages listed below.

1. It Promotes Greater Productivity at Work

When a worker has to travel half a mile to the closest restroom, using the facilities may take a full 30 minutes. Anywhere on your working site is suitable for renting portable restrooms, and they are simple to move as needed. A few hundred feet from the workplace means that an employee may only need to depart for ten minutes for a potty break.

When an employee doesn't have to worry about completing a task before the end of the day, not only may they accomplish it without having to rush, but also, their general productivity and the quality of their work may increase. Convenient restrooms give workers peace of mind and improve workplace productivity.

2. It Establishes a Better Impression for Your Company

If passersby see your employees using the great outdoors to relieve themselves, it doesn't reflect well on your business. Furthermore, it conveys a false sense of how well you treat your employees. It demonstrates your disregard for their dignity and your inability to even shell out a small sum of money to meet their minimal need.

3. It Offers the Possibility to Recover Costs

Yes, even though renting portable toilets may cost money, the cost is typically recouped over time. As stated above, the more work you complete in a day, the more favorable an impression you make on your client. Since you are efficient at your job, they might hire you again and suggest you to someone else.

4. It Helps Gain Your Workers' Respect

Your staff may think highly of you because you considered making arrangements for porta toilet rentals. Since you have their best interests in mind, they are happier and work more for you.

A fantastic strategy to acquire their loyalty is to demonstrate your concern for them. Given the improved and better job your employees provide, even though you might have to spend money, it's a win-win situation for you.

5. It Helps You Conform to OSHA Standards

Your restrooms need to adhere to a number of standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). To be accounted as meeting OSHA regulations, they must be clean and hygienic.

Using or renting portable restrooms is the most effective approach to comply with OSHA regulations. They will see that you go above and above to take care of your employees' needs.

6. It Conserves Your Workers' Energy

Even if there are permanent restrooms on the property, your staff won't want to trek for miles to use the facilities. Short toilet breaks during work hours help people finish their tasks on time and without extra inconveniences. Offering restrooms close to where your staff is currently working is beneficial.


Because of their value, porta potties are still a great investment since they are modern, sanitary, and clean. Portable sanitation units not only offer a convenient location for employees to use the restroom but are also available in different sizes to accommodate staff members with impairments, as with handicapped portable toilets and basic hand washing stations for staff hygiene.

The size of your workforce is, therefore, irrelevant. Everyone must heed the call of nature, so renting a porta-potty may further demonstrate how much you value your workers.

If you are looking for a company that provides porta-potty rentals in Artesia, look no further than our expertise and selections of heavy equipment transport here at Royal Services, LLC. We proudly offer flowback, well testing, hot shot delivery, trucking, and equipment rental in the Permian Basin and beyond. Call us today, and let us tend to your heavy-duty needs!

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