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What You Need to Know About Hot Shot Trucking

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hot shot trucking involves carrying smaller, more time-sensitive loads within a specified timeframe. You usually pick up these loads at one location and drop them off at another, without destination or stops. You typically use medium-duty trucks and pull flatbed trailers to haul hot shots.

What Do Hot Shot Truckers Do?

Hot shot drivers travel all over the country, sometimes even internationally, to pick up and deliver loads in as little time as possible. Companies that often work with hot shot drivers include food distributors, retail chains, and time-sensitive manufacturing businesses. These companies often need to deliver products quickly, but they don't need the complete services of a trucking company.

Hot shot truckers don't have the option of choosing their loads—their assignments are usually predetermined by their company or the company that hired them to haul a hot shot load. While these jobs are often more flexible than other trucking jobs, they may involve extended periods away from home.

What Truck Types Are Used for Hot Shot Hauls?

Hot shot drivers generally use medium-duty trucks, typically combinations of a large cab and a semi-trailer, ideal for hot shot trucking. You don't always use a semi-trailer; however, these assignments require using a pickup truck with a utility trailer.

The size of the trailer, the amount of weight it can haul, and the number of axles it has to determine which vehicles you'll haul with. Depending on the type of cargo you're hauling, you may need different types of trailers.

What Are the Advantages of Hot Shot Trucking?

Some of the advantages of hot shot trucking include:

  • Flexibility: hot shots allow you to work for different companies and travel to other locations. They also provide you with a sense of urgency, and you might get the opportunity to learn about different business sectors since you'll deliver products for many kinds of companies.

  • Fast money: hot shot trucking can provide you with quick cash, as your assignments are often urgent, and you may be able to complete them quickly.

  • Short-term employment: hot shot assignments often last for just a few days.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hot Shot Trucking?

Some of the disadvantages of hot shot trucking include:

  • Little control: The assignments you get may not always be what you want. Hot shot trucking may not be for you if you're looking for steady work.

  • Longer hours: As a hot shot driver, you may spend more hours on the road than other truckers, as you have to deliver your loads on time.

  • Lack of training: hot shot trucking generally doesn't offer the in-depth training you may need to become an expert in your field.

How Much Can a Hot Shot Driver Make?

The average pay for a hot shot trucker depends on the size of the load and the type of truck you're hauling. Larger loads and different types of cargo often come with more pay. These factors can make hot shot trucking a lucrative career if you have enough experience, but it may not always be predictable.

You might only make a decent income if you have a regular schedule and stick to it. If you're hauling hot shots, you're likely to pick up big loads that pay big money, but then you're likely to have long periods without work. You'll also need to do a lot of driving to pick up these loads, which can get exhausting and expensive.


Hot shot trucking is a job for truckers willing to travel, work independently and move fast. It's also a job for drivers who are comfortable hauling loads for different companies and comfortable being on the road for long periods.

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