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Light & Water Combo Trailer

For the most up-to-date information on pricing and availability give us a call at

575-616-1615 to request a quote. 


The Express RV Combo trailer provides a mobile water, power, and light solution to construction and oil field worksites and camps. The 500-gallon tank provides up to 300 hours of runtime on the 20 kW generator, while the 25' light tower provides ample lighting for the work area. Whether you need to keep your crew hydrated or keep the work going round-the-clock, the Express RV Combo has you covered.


Weight (empty):                        5,240 lb

GVWR:                                         14,000 lb

Brakes:                                        20,000 lb surge

Hitch:                                           2-5/16 in ball or 3 in pintle

Length:                                        288 in

Width:                                          83 in

Transport/Extended Height:     112 in / 27 ft

Frame:                                         7 in channel iron

Water Tank:                                500 gallons black poly

Diesel Tank:                                240 gallons

Water System:                           Flojet 5 GPM, 110 V, 45 PSI

Operating Time:                        300 hours

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